September 2, 2020
The SKI family has grown by three. We welcome as official partners, PELUM Zimbabwe, BCI (Biodiversity Conservation Initiative) and SCOPE Malawi.
The Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI), a dynamic partnership of diverse Southern African organisations committed to securing food sovereignty in the region, is looking for a Team Manager. If you are passionate about agroecology and reviving traditional seed and related knowledge, and you have excellent management and movement-building skills, please apply. Click here for full...
On my first evening in Chaseyama I heard the first of a number of stories from people who experienced the horrors of the night of 15th March. Amai Mercy, Julius Piti of PORET’s wife, was in Ngangu township that night. Ngangu was one of the two peri-urban areas in the district that were particularly badly...
Linked to the 4 booklets, there are also four short biofertiliser recipe videos that were produced. Each of these videos shares a topic with one of the booklets. For access to the booklets, please view the previous news post or follow this link. To view the biofertiliser recipe videos, follow the links below: Biofertilisers 1: Native...
To follow on from the short video previously posted (more to come!), there have also been a series of 4 booklets developed that share simple methods on the development of biofertilisers using cheap and readily available materials. Please access the links below for PDF versions of the booklets. Biofertiliser 1 Native microbes Biofertiliser 2 Fermented...

Seen and Knowledge Initiative

The Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI) is a dynamic partnership of diverse southern African organisations committed to securing food sovereignty in the region.

We work with smallholder farmers to become more seed, food and nutritionally secure through farmer-led seed systems, improved crop diversity, and the revival of local knowledge systems.

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