Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change is based on our understanding of how enduring social transformation happens through an intricate and cyclical process of individual, community and social change. It is also a response to our context, which requires a long term and fundamental paradigm shift.

Individual level

Change starts with individuals and SKI’s focus therefore rests on identifying key individuals within organisations and in farming communities that can become change makers because they are interested and committed. We assume that once specific attention is paid to develop the understanding, passion and leadership of such change makers through forums such as the Community of Practice, exchange visits, etc. their knowledge, expertise can be transferred to others.

Community level

The next level of intervention is on the community level and this happens mostly through these key change makers who create examples to follow and who infuse others with their enthusiasm. Partners focus on organising community level activities such as dialogues, seed fairs and food festivals that have a wider influence, and the experience will draw other members of the communities to participate in the work. Change-maker communities will eventually develop that will serve as inspiration for others.

Society level

Change on Societal level will take place when a tipping point of community and individual level understanding is reached. This can be achieved once there is enough connection, collaboration, and information exchange for organisations and farmers to start acting together. We assume that there is a point, which we cannot predict, where societal transformation occurs. At this point we will see social movements emerging that brings about wider societal change and also policy change. This is a long term impact for SKI.