Biofertilisers come to Africa – 4 “how to” Biofertiliser booklets

To follow on from the short video previously posted (more to come!), there have also been a series of 4 booklets developed that share simple methods on the development of biofertilisers using cheap and readily available materials. Please access the links below for PDF versions of the booklets.


Biofertiliser 1 Native microbes

Biofertiliser 2 Fermented Cow Manure

Biofertiliser 3 Bocashi

Biofertiliser 4 LAB


You are free to copy and share the information, as long as you acknowledge SKI.


Credits for booklet series –

Written by: John Wilson

Illustrations: Clever Tsingano

Graphics: Luc Brazier

Design and layout: Anna Brazier

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