SKI mini-Barefoot Guide on AE landscapes

ski-mini-barefoot-guide-on-ae-landscapes - BFG-map

This publication is an introduction to the SKI partners’ journey of agroecological work at the landscape level with communities in the Southern African region. It was written within the framework of the SKI Community of Practice Landscape group by the SKI CoP Writers Collective comprising of Precious Phiri, Mugove Walter Nyika and John Wilson, in collaboration with the Barefoot Guide Connection ( It is actually the second mini-Barefoot Guide that is published in the new Barefoot Guide Agroecology series.

This publication is a resource to communities and those working with them to think about why this landscape-level agroecology work is important for the sustainable regeneration of rural landscapes, to find inspiration and lessons from successful stories around Africa and to learn how to go about working with communities to do the work.

This publication was produced with the financial support of SwedBio and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

: Download the FULL guide in English (high resolution) (12.48 MB)

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: Download Cover Page, Table of Content and Introduction (793.24 kB)

: Download Chapter 1 – Landscapes and Life (555.07 kB)

: Download Chapter 2 – Landscape management (526.03kB)

: Download Chapter 3 – The lamenting is over (1.14MB)

: Download Chapter 4 – Bountiful landscapes (1.30MB)