Book Launch: Healthy Soil For Healthy Communities


AFSA & SKI are delighted to announce the publication of a new book on agroecological practices: Healthy Soil for Healthy Communities – An Introduction to Soil Health Practices for Africa

There is a growing awareness across Africa that we need to improve the health of soils dramatically if we are to produce nutritious food and use water sustainably. The first step in beginning a soil regeneration process is to shift mindsets—to unlearn the ways we think about soil—or indeed—fail to think about soil.

With this in mind, the Healthy Soil Healthy Food (HSHF) initiative was jointly established by AFSA and SKI, bringing together 15 soil regeneration organisations that are working closely with smallholder farmers across the continent.

The HSHF initiative held 12 online learning and sharing sessions from September to December 2020, and it was from these sessions that the content was predominantly drawn for the HSHF publication we wish to proudly announce; Healthy Soil for Healthy CommunitiesAn Introduction to Soil Health Practices for Africa.

This publication is not a technical book. Rather, it aims to help people move towards this mindset shift around soil. Within its pages it presents the kind of understanding of soil needed if we are to have any chance of successfully regenerating soils, as well as covering recent practices that can help farmers transition to an agriculture that prioritises soil health and is in greater harmony with nature.


In 2020 I was excited to learn how SKI and AFSA collaborate to fill this gap. Together they support various training initiatives aimed at improving soil health in Africa. This book, emanating from one such collaboration, the Healthy Soil Healthy Food initiative, is a gift for our times and a fountain of wisdom on building soil health.

Gertrude Pswarayi-Jabson (SKI Steering Committee Chair/PELUM Zimbabwe Country Coordinator)


“This book is a treasure trove of cutting-edge soil science, soil-improvement practices and farmers’ stories. It has testimonies of the future of agriculture and food. If there is one thing the COVID 19 pandemic has shown us, it is the need to be self-sufficient.”

Dr Million Belay (AFSA General Coordinator)


“This enlightening book does an excellent job highlighting the close relationship between soil health and healthy food, and using a non-technical and accessible language to raise awareness about healthy soil as a precondition to healthy food. It comes in handy at a crucial time as Africa awakens to the potential of agroecology.”

Dr Batamaka Somé (CCRP’s regional representative for West Africa)


On behalf of AFSA and SKI, we ask that you please share this book and spread its messages as widely as possible. We need people everywhere in Africa and elsewhere in the world to understand the why and how of soil regeneration, and to promote and practice the principles of good soil care.

Please click on the link below to download:

Healthy Soil for Healthy Communities – An Introduction to Soil Health Practices for Africa

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