Our Vision

Our vision is of food sovereignty for farmer communities through resilient farmer-led seed systems

Our purpose … is to support communities in becoming more food and seed secure, by reviving and enhancing traditional seed and knowledge systems and agro-ecological practices, which will support communities and ecosystems to be productive, sustainable and resilient.

We believe … that the principles of food sovereignty present one of the best paradigms to work with in any effort to support sustainable livelihoods and food security for rural communities. Within this paradigm, farming communities and especially women, have autonomy and are able to take part in the decision-making processes that impact on their lives. It means they have access and control over locally produced, culturally appropriate seed and food, and are taking responsibility for the health of the ecosystem it all depends on.

Our work posits that seed sovereignty is the basis of food sovereignty. It stands as a symbol against industrial agriculture, which is destroying the planet with its high carbon footprint, decimation of biodiversity, ecosystems and local livelihoods.