Today our world faces a moment of extraordinary challenge
— with glimpses of extraordinary transformation emerging.

In this moment, our world needs people and movements
that are ready to stretch the boundaries of what anyone has imagined we can do.

In this moment, each of us and all of us together have the potential
to lead a transition from a world of domination and extraction
to a world of regeneration, resilience, and interdependence.[1]


Partnerships is what SKI is about

Through fostering collaborative working relations between SKI partners, supporting partners’ work to strengthen the capacity of smallholder farmers to build their knowledge and confidence to develop community seed systems and their AE practices, and through better focusing partner research and advocacy work in support of farmers’ rights and AE, SKI cumulative work so far has resulted in significant benefits for participating farmers in terms of food production, greater resilience to climate change, reliance on their own resources and restoration of farming and associated cultural practices. Support to actively engage in networks, research and advocacy work has given partners an understanding of the value of such work and its importance for producing food systems level changes.

SKI is a partnership between 13 organisations across four countries in the region. Apart from these ‘formal’ and long-term partners there are many others with whom we work, regularly, strategically, and innovatively.


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